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The Knit Surfers celebrated Nancy's birthday with a fun party at the store and a great weekend at the beach!

Kelie is still working on her Ease sweater and is down to the ribbing at the bottom. She's making adjustments for the recipient to make sure the fit is right and it's comfortable.

Nancy has been churning out the projects for Fall! She's been dying up a lot of custom Knit Surfer yarn to use for the next knitalong. The pattern is Lilli Pilli Wrap by Ambah O'Brien and uses 3 colors of fingering weight yarn. The Knitalong will be at the store on November 5 from 1pm - 3pm. 

The Knit Surfers talk about new Shibui patterns and yarns. Nancy made the Rise cowl and it came out beautifully! The Strata wrap was another big win. Kelie and Nancy are excited about a circular style poncho named Cirrus. Nancy was able to make half of this poncho on her knitting machine in about 30 minutes!

Join the Knit Surfers and Common Threads on a cruise thru the Mexican Riviera! The cruise is schedule on October 1 - 7, 2017. There is an informational meeting scheduled on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 6pm at the store. Come learn about this fun adventure!

Have a good week!

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The Knit Surfers are excited about the season, the weather is cooling off, and they're ready to knit!

Nancy is working on a square for the Great American Aran Afghan knitalong. 

Kelie finished her Hence sweater and started a new one called Ease.

The San Diego Yarn Crawl happened during September and was a great success. The Knit Surfers created a custom dyed yarn inspired by the Cardiff sunset.

The next knitalong at the store will be the shawl Lilli Pilli and uses 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn. This is a good opportunity to learn a little lace!

Nancy announces that there will be a Common Threads knitting cruise! Details coming in November.

Have a good week!

Nancy – Knitsurfer

Kelie – Khalila


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Common Threads is having the annual yarn sale this weekend! August 5 and 6 come into the store to see what your discount (anywhere from 15 to 50% off) will be! There are also other discounts throughout the store.

Kelie is working really hard to get her knitting organized. Her Making Waves Cardigan had a mishap when she when to put on the trim and realized she had been using the wrong size needles the whole time. The Hence sweater is almost done, one sleeve to go. Swatching is going on for a new worsted weight pullover called Ease by Alicia Plummer. Her last summer project will be Freestyle Summer Tunic which is a laceweight tank top made out of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Lace (90% superwash merino/10% cashmere).

Nancy commiserates and talks about a fair isle sweater she made the same mistake on by forgetting to switch needles. She has been getting a lot of knitting done recently. She finished a baby blanket using Ella Rae Superwash Merino Chunky, which is a mitered square pattern using a color graduation - a light blue to a dark navy. She also made a baby blanket for her niece out of a cream colored Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton and put a leaf trim around the edging. Lastly, she cast on for a cowl out of Louisa Harding yarn and is using a feather and fan type of stitch.

The Great American Aran Afghan Knitalong is still going and Nancy is working on the September square to have it ready for the group.

The Knit Surfers are really excited about the 2016 Summer Olympic games starting this Friday and participating in the Ravellenic games.

The San Diego Yarn Crawl is coming up in September! Nancy is still mulling over what pattern she wants to create for Common Threads.

Have a good week!

Nancy – Knitsurfer

Kelie – Khalila


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The Knit Surfers discuss summer plans and summer knitting.

Kelie is working on a pair of Social Network Socks and her Hence sweater. Nancy suggests making a sleeveless version for summer.

Kelie finished her Alla sweater, which is made out of periwinkle colored Tencel.

The Knit Surfers appreciate low finishing projects during summer time, even though it IS good blocking weather.

Lots of graduations going on and everybody is enjoying the ceremonies.

Nancy is busy keeping the wheels on the bus and hasn't had a lot of knitting time. She is looking forward to reclaiming her craft room and setting up a nice space. She does get a chance to work on her Corinne cardigan while podcasting!

Great American Aran Afghan knitalong is moving along - Square #6 is the current project.

Nancy shares the final project from her class at FIDM.

Kelie is trying to get her boys to pick out a summer knitting project.

Special thanks to friend Kimmy for sharing her fair passes. The Knit Surfers had an epic night out!

Have a good week!

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Nancy fights the local apricot thieves!

The Knit Surfers have a wonderful weekend away with their local knitting friends. They joke about how much stuff they brought for two days. All the knitting, food and fun stuff. Spinning wheels were also brought out for the weekend. Kelie showed Nancy her class from Jacey Boggs.

Kelie worked on her Alla sweater and was so close to finishing. Nancy worked on her Corinne cardigan and finished a square for the Great American Aran Afghan Knitalong.

Dinner on Saturday night consisted of an elaborate Taco Bar followed by a homemade Lemon pie. The next night everyone had a big salad bar with baked potatoes.

Games for the weekend included:

Knitting Challenge! - Knit with sunglasses/obstructed vision with Size 50 needles, Knit with something from the kitchen, Knit Backwards, Knit with a friend (one hand from each person), Knit behind your back

Musical Knitting - With Size 50 needles and a bulky yarn, each person knit a stitch and pass it to the next person. Set a timer and when it goes off, the person holding the knitting is out.

Guess who I am - write a knitting term on a piece of paper and tie it around your head, ask questions to guess what you are.

Office Supply Project Runway - design a dress with provided materials

A good attitude and good times made for a lot of fun for all!

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Kelie gets to visit the 3rd grade class at Waldorf school that her boys attended to demonstrate spinning on a spinning wheel. Nancy plans on getting more hand-dyed fiber for the store.

Nancy's back to teaching the Fabric ID class at FIDM San Diego campus. She had a list of tips she found to help her students (see below).

10 Things That Require Zero Talent:

  1. Being on Time
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Effort
  4. Body Language
  5. Energy
  6. Attitude
  7. Passion
  8. Being Coachable
  9. Doing Extra
  10. Being Prepared

Kelie is really enjoying her spinning classes.

She also talks about making another Making Waves Cardigan  out of the new Madeline Tosh arriving at the store.

Nancy and Kelie have a spirited discussion about a recent experience with Mohair yarn.

Nancy is feeling her design vibe, she's setting up a corner especially for her designing at home.

Have a good week!

Nancy – Knitsurfer

Kelie – Khalila

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The Knit Surfers talk about Madeline Tosh and all of the exciting projects people are making with it. There are even more colors arriving at Common Threads.

Kelie finished her Making Waves Cardigan out of Madeline Tosh Sock in the colorway Flashdance. She also finished her short sleeved Labyrinth out of Forbidden Woolery Gluttony that she bought at the 2015 San Diego Yarn Crawl.

Kelie's planning on making a Hence Sweater out of a superwash merino she bought at the Torrance Fiber Festival several years ago. Nancy helped her cake up the enormous skein of yarn.

Current Knitalongs at the store:

Corinne Cardigan - Sue Smith will be guiding the group with her specially made worksheets for alterations. Knitters meet at the store on Sundays for a really fun, easy pattern on called Corinne by Crystal Erb Junkins.

The Great American Aran Afghan - Knitters are making one block a month and anyone can join in. This knitalong is dedicated to Caryl Nelson, there are over 40 knitters joining in on this wonderful tribute to a beautiful woman.

The Back to Back Wool Challenge is coming up this month.  The San Diego County Spinners will be competing at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center from 9 - 4 on April 23. The Knit Surfers will be there to cheer on our local team as they compete!

The North County Knitters Guild met this week and hosted Lorna Miser. The guild will be moving it's meetings to the Morgan Run Country Club and Resort while their current location undergoes renovations.

Have a good week!

Nancy – Knitsurfer

Kelie – Khalila

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 The Knit Surfers greet March with enthusiasm, lots of fun things going on this month.

Kelie finished her Love Scarf out of the Bright Fuschia Plymouth Encore yarn her son gave her for Christmas. She's starting her second Labyrinth sweater using Forbidden Woolery Gluttony yarn which is 100% Superwash Merino.

Nancy's working on square #6 of the Great American Aran afghan. The Great American Aran Afghan knitalong is currently going on at the store. Knitters are making one block a month and anyone can join in. This knitalong is dedicated to Caryl Nelson, there are over 40 knitters joining in on this wonderful tribute to a beautiful woman. Nancy is using Galway in blue and green heathered colors.

A new knitalong is starting at the store on Sunday for a really fun, easy pattern on The sweater is called Corinne by Crystal Erb Junkins. Sue Smith will be guiding the group with her specially made worksheets for alterations.

Nancy and Kelie had fun when Steven Be and Stephen West came to the North Coast Knitters Guild. They estimate that there were over 300 people that came to hear them speak. Kelie brought her puppy baby and he slept the whole time. The Steph(v)ens have a reality show you can watch at

The Knit Surfers find the Pantone Spring 2016 colors not to their taste this season.

Have a good week!

Nancy – Knitsurfer

Kelie – Khalila


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Nancy takes the store ball winder takes a trip to the repair shop. The Knit Surfers discuss 3D printing and the possibilities of making bobbins.

After all of the fun playing with the Ashford Blending Board, Kelie has spun up the batts/rolags. She discovers her toilet paper bobbins fit on her ball winder with a little rubber band on the stem.

The Great American Aran Afghan knitalong is going on at Common Threads. Nancy is working ahead on the squares but they are currently on the second square. This knitalong will last for about 2 1/2 years so jump on in!

Kelie is working on a Love Scarf using bright pink Plymouth Encore yarn that her youngest son gave her for Christmas. She is also knitting on her Alla Cardigan and it's going faster since she isn't doubling all of the rows.

Kelie has discovered the Interlock Bindoff by Jeny Staiman which is a bindoff that will stretch out just as far as Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, snaps back in just as well, and is also invisible (or close to it).

Nancy received the first of four shipments of Madeline Tosh Sock yarn.

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Kelie jumped on "The Force Awakens" bandwagon by knitting 4 hats and some matching mittens.

The Knit Surfers are excited about the new puppy "Jackpot" who will be coming home on Valentine's weekend.

Kelie tries to explain the concept of "knitworthy" to her 10 year old son.

Nancy's got the Great American Aran Afghan knitalong going along at the store. She's finished the second square and it's going well.

Lots of new Spring things coming into the store, including a shipment of Madeline Tosh.

Kelie had a problem while knitting her red lace cardigan Alla.

Stephen West and Steven B are coming to our local guild next week.

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